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5 major Real Estate Digital Trends to watch in 2022

Over the last decade, technology has changed the face of real estate industry. Covid 19 has affected the global market adversely, however very few has taken the first impact of it. Real estate is amongst the top sectors which has experienced the financial turndown in last two years. With negligible home enquires and unexpected breaks in the constructions, real estate was caught in a real surprise. As technology has branched out in all spheres of life and industries, real estate has also been influenced and affected by the technology and digital trends.

So, here are few digital trends to watch out for in real estate in 2022.

Direct engagement

With internet coming into picture, buyers and dealers will have more seamless communication. More touchless services are offered to the end users where in there will be no physical contact between the buyer and the sellers. Visual house tours and photos of high quality would be shared on the digital sites, thereby eliminating the role of real estate agents. You may no longer have to visit the sites and apartments to make a decisiondue to direct digital interaction and disruptive technology in real estate.

Digital transaction management

This is one of the most important developments in the real estate market. Having a digital access to all the contracts would eliminate the monotonous paper work. You can now sign the deeds electronically from any part of the world and save your time and unnecessary meetings with the realtors. The payments can now be made via various platforms on internet, this makes the transactions more secure and seamless.

Digital Advertising

Advertising campaigns can now be done on online platforms, new listings can now be generated using software systems. Ads can now be consumer centric and targeted towards a specific segment of audiences. They may also include real time statistics such as views, clicks and demographics. This makes the life easier for the real estate agents and the buyers as now they can understand which housing is best for sale or rent.

Automated lead generation

Queries and grievances can now be addressed within time by artificial intelligence, also known as real estate robots. There are conversations chatbots on these platforms wherein your inquiries can be responded to instantly. It will assist agents to identify, capture and engage with potential leads. The technology helps agents to be with their customers 24/7 and get new leads with whom they can connect during business hours.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are set to become a part and parcel of the real estate industry. While it playing a critical role in the pandemic, it is also convenient, time saving and easy to use. With virtual reality and 3D modelling, consumer can now view property without even setting a foot in them. You can now choose your home from any part of the world, be it a vacation trip or business trip. So, virtual tours are one of the recent breakthrough digital trends in real estate.

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