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9 Smart Ways For Real Estate Brokers To Find Leads On LinkedIn

2023 is the year of good opportunities for real estate brokers. Still doubtful, how? Read further!

In today’s time, LinkedIn marketing is the most sought-after strategy for real estate marketing. We will learn the reasons later in the blog to understand why business professionals choose LinkedIn to market their businesses. For realtors, finding new real estate leads can be challenging. A few of you may resort to the traditional way of gaining real estate clients, but does it always work? To some extent, it probably will. But what if there try out other ways to find real estate leads using LinkedIn marketing?

Here, we have summarized new ways to use LinkedIn for marketing and lead generation. Following these tactics will help support your real estate marketing strategies. 

Note: These strategies work with a consistent approach and require lots of patience.

Why LinkedIn is the perfect choice for real estate marketing?

Getting genuine leads is crucial while establishing your real estate business. And for that, choosing an appropriate platform is important. So, is LinkedIn marketing better for lead generation in real estate? LinkedIn connects you with professionals with a mutual aim. Of course, Facebook/Instagram also help you with it, but LinkedIn has a larger sphere of “professionals”. As a real estate broker, LinkedIn marketing should be your obvious choice.

Professional networking is what LinkedIn is proud of. Using LinkedIn for real estate marketing is the fastest way to generate real estate leads. A leading study hypothesized that the lead conversion rate of LinkedIn is 277% better than Facebook/Twitter. And why am I not shocked? This platform was designed for the sole purpose of connecting you with the people of your interest.

Fetching the right real estate leads isn’t easy, but LinkedIn helps in some proportion. Its premium account lets you study your competitors’ analytics, read industry data, and access unlimited network connections. All these techniques boost your real estate marketing strategies. 

Different LinkedIn marketing strategies for real estate lead generation

Create an optimized LinkedIn profile

Achieving quality real estate leads requires connecting with prospective clients without being spammy. Therefore, you must create a personalized profile on LinkedIn mentioning your credentials. LinkedIn offers this opportunity to create a personalized business page for your brand, whether you work independently or are associated with a company. This is the first step in establishing trust with your real estate clients.

Your LinkedIn profile must include the following:

Build your real estate network

Identifying your target audience is the main aspect of the real estate lead generation strategies used in LinkedIn marketing. Your first target is local connections because your services will be more relevant to them. You can connect with local real estate companies offering your services. Real estate investors situated outside may employ you for your local knowledge. They can bring you real estate leads too, through referrals.

LinkedIn networks can contribute to finding real estate leads. You can connect with other real estate brokers/agents to expand your professional network. Moreover, reaching out to the network is fine, and seeing if they have any potential leads, they would be willing to share.

Create engaging real estate content

LinkedIn marketing is the popular choice due to the higher engagement of people with the content. Creating content on LinkedIn can be a great way to engage with potential clients in the real estate industry. Not only is it a great way to share your expertise, but also a great way to market yourself.

Join groups

Look for relevant real estate groups. LinkedIn groups are a great way to enhance lead generation in real estate marketing. Get involved in conversations about real estate topics such as market trends or listing opportunities. Post your real estate listings in the group’s discussion thread.

Use the “People You May Know” feature

Are you looking to expand your professional network? The “People You May Know” feature on LinkedIn is an excellent way to find potential real estate connections. This feature helps you find people who may be interested in real estate.

Leverage real estate referrals

Asking for referrals is a cost-effective method for achieving higher lead generation. LinkedIn referrals provide a steady stream of leads that can convert into sales. Reach out to your contacts on LinkedIn and encourage them to refer you to more people.

Use the LinkedIn search bar

LinkedIn search bar is incredibly useful in lead generation. You can use the search bar to look for potential real estate leads. For example, you can search for people associated with the real estate industry, living in your area, or interested in purchasing a particular property.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced search

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can easily find real estate leads using the advanced search feature. You can search by job title, industry, or geographic location. You can also narrow your search by company size or company type.

Use LinkedIn Ads for real estate marketing

LinkedIn Ads can be an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy to target potential real estate leads. LinkedIn Ads allow you to target people based on their job titles, industries, and location. You can also use LinkedIn Ads to promote content, such as blog posts and videos related to real estate, promoting lead generation.


Real estate lead generation should definitely be part of your marketing strategies. Concluding, using LinkedIn for real estate marketing will help promote your business. Using the right LinkedIn marketing approach can quickly and easily find potential real estate leads.

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