(Magnet i.e real estate agent/ broker enrolled with The Platform will be referred to as - "Magnet Partner/ You")

(Homesfy Realty Ltd. will be referred to as - "The Platform")

In consideration of the agreed services provided by the Magnet Partner, The Platform shall pay a Brokerage Fee on the following terms and condition:

  1. Magnet Partner shall be entitled to Brokerage Fee only on property buyers ("Customers/ Clients") introduced by the Magnet Partner along with supporting documents and the Magnet Partner shall have no claim on the direct bookings done by The Platform’s through its in-house sales team. Further the Magnet Partner shall have no claim for any additional amount with respect to the sale of the property beyond the Brokerage Fee. The Magnet Partner will mention The Platform’s name and RERA REGISTRATION ID in the customer application and visit form. (Maharashtra RERA Reg No. A51900000136, Karnataka RERA Reg No. PRM/KA/RERA/1251/310/AG/230313/003487, Tamil Nadu RERA Reg No. TN/Agent/0024/2023, Telangana RERA Reg No. A02500002981, Haryana RERA Reg No. HRERA-PKL-REA-2034-2023, Uttar Pradesh RERA Reg No. UPRERAAGT25373, Dubai RERA Reg No. 1205425)
  2. It is hereby clarified that the Brokerage Fee shall be payable only on Magnet Partner referring the details of Clients interested in buying units/flats in the Property only but shall also depend on the actual conveyance/transfer/execution of papers in this regard.
  3. The Magnet Partner can avail the digital marketing services by making a payment through online fund transfer only to The Platform and agreeing to the terms and conditions therein. All Payments are subject to 10% service charge and GST ( as applicable).
    1. The Brokerage sharing slab has to be selected The brokerage sharing slab has to be selected by the Magnet Partner at the time of lead addition in CRM as per services availed in lead qualification and servicing. Illustrated in Table below:
      50% 70%
      Plan Light Plus
      Lead qualification
      Lead Servicing ..
      Closing Support .. ..
      *For 80% - contact your Service RM
    2. The brokerage slab Payable on the clients introduced and generated by availing digital marketing services of The Platform, will be in the sharing ratio of 60:40 - – (Magnet Partner: The Platform).

      Note:The sharing ratio will be on the brokerage slab earned by The Platform in the project and within the time period of booking. All brokerage percentage will be calculated on basic flat cost.

  4. The Magnet Partner shall raise an invoice for the amounts payable by the Platform. Each invoice shall be delivered to the address of the Platform as specified by the Platform through courier or by hand delivery and the Platform agrees to acknowledge the same.
  5. The Partner will be eligible for Base + Site Ladder brokerage(If achieved). All the payments to the Magnet Partner will be released only on receipt of the same from the concerned builder/developer. It will be processed in the same tranches as received from the developer/ builder.
  6. A Brokerage Fee shall be paid after the deduction of all applicable taxes. The payment shall at all times be subject to applicable policies, law, orders, and regulations.
  7. The Client introduced by the Magnet Partner will remain tagged to him for a maximum up to 30 days from the date of closure of the lead. Post that the Magnet Partner shall have no right and cannot claim the prospect/Client.
  8. The travel expenses incurred (if any ) to arrange and facilitate the site visit of the Clients introduced by the Magnet Partner will be solely borne by the Magnet Partner and will be deducted and/or adjusted against the payouts to the Magnet Partner.
  9. Subject to receipts of payment from the builder/ developer, The Platform shall endeavour to pay the Brokerage Fee within 60 days of receipt of the invoice. All payments shall be subject to applicable taxes.
  10. If the referred/introduced Customer of Magnet Partner cancels or terminates the agreement of sale/ Allotment letter, in such event, the Magnet Partner shall be liable to refund the Brokerage Fee paid by the Platform, within 15 days from the date of such cancellation or termination. In the event, the Magnet Partner does not refund the brokerage fee to the Platform, the Platform shall be entitled to deduct the refundable amount from any other brokerage fee payable to the Partner-Exclusive by the Platform. Also if any booking goes to conflict with the developer & till the time it is resolved the same will be considered as a cancelled unit & no brokerage will be payable on the same.
  11. If any kind of discount or benefit or pass back offered to the Customers, the final Brokerage Fee payout will be calculated post adjustment of the same as per the business sharing ratio & will be prior approved by The Platform & incase of any benefit or pass back offered to the Customer without The Platform approval will be 100% adjusted against Magnet Partner Payout..
  12. The Magnet Partner is aware and agrees that as per The Platform’s policy a background verification of the Magnet Partner through a third party and or the Platform employee will be conducted to verify and confirm the personal, educational, work experience and likes of the information provided by the Magnet Partner for the purpose of registration with The Platform. In the event it is brought to the notice of the Platform that any of the information provided by the broker is false or incomplete or incorrect, the Platform, without prejudice to its other rights and remedies, be entitled to cancel the registration of the Magnet Partner.
  13. The Magnet Partner shall take necessary approvals or licenses as per the applicable laws to carry out its business and Platform shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever. The Magnet Partner shall indemnify the Platform for any and all claims received/imposed on the Platform in breach of this.
  14. Any dispute arising out of the covenants of this transaction shall be referred to the courts at Mumbai only.
  15. In case of any misrepresentation on the Platform or any data breach, which could be done by activities such as copying data from the system or hacking data from the system/database that is attributable to the Magnet Partner, The Platform reserves the right to terminate this agreement/ arrangement with immediate effect without any liability of any payment to such Magnet Partner. Further, The Platform reserves the right to take legal action against the Magnet Partner.
  16. Confidentiality: - The Magnet Partner agrees to keep the information received by it by virtue of this arrangement including the payment structure, pay-outs, brokerage, marketing strategy, business processes etc. ("Confidential Information") confidential and shall not share the same with any third party and shall not use the Confidential Information for its own benefit other than for the purpose for which it was intended. The confidentiality obligation under this agreement shall be binding during the term of this arrangement and 2 years beyond the term.
  17. The Platform reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or suspend the terms & conditions of the registration form.

Refund Policy :-

  1. If the subscription or product purchased by Magnet Partner is not what was expected by the Magnet Partner, the Magnet Partner can request for refund within 30 days of purchase of the product or subscription. This refund option shall not apply to any Digital Marketing Services, the policy of which is detailed below. We reserve the right to apply Magnet Partner's refund as a refund credit or refund to Magnet Partner by the original payment method/ mode, at our discretion, depending on the capabilities of our payment service providers, and other factors. No refund request shall be entertained beyond the initial 30-days time limit.
  2. Due to the digital nature of digital marketing services, wherein we pay partners such as Google and Facebook for their ads, we are unable to provide refunds on any purchases of digital campaigns, if the money has already been spent. However, if the money has not entirely been spent, then the Platform reserves the right to refund the pending amount sans the service fee based on The Platform’s understanding of the case at that point in time.
  3. In most cases You have paid for the services and seen the results of using them and received benefit from the efforts or deployment and usage of services or products. If you do not see the benefit that as expected or agreed, The Platform will endeavour to ensure that the lack is made up to you in some way. However, as Google and other online entities are constantly changing their services, which influences everything online, there can be no iron-clad promises made or returns expected and that would be beyond the scope and ability of the Platforms to control.
  4. However, we do suggest that if you ARE having issues with our product or services, you let us try to help you – submit an email support ticket to [email protected] and we would be happy to resolve it.
  5. Accounts cancelled/terminated by the Platform/ mymagnet.io for violation of terms of service do not qualify for any refund. For example, if your account is cancelled due to spamming, you will not be given any refund. We believe strongly in upholding good and moral etiquette in ALL of our online proceedings and encourage our clients to do the same.
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