6 ways to determine if your client is genuinely motivated to buy a real estate property

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The most prized possession and reason for our country’s economic growth literally lie beneath our feet. Quite literally, the land we live on carries an ever-increasing value. Dealing in an arena of give and take, and by the arena, I mean ‘The real estate market,’ many competitive real estate agents give it their all to make a property sale.

Property sales or real estate sales, as we see in graphical representations or values, are a result of all the actual field work of real estate agents. Hence, it makes sense to ensure that all the hard work is paid off. Well, there is really no written mandate on knowing who will be your next prospective homebuyer. That doesn’t stop a real estate agent from doing whatever is necessary to make the best deal on a property, but it’s always good to have a ray of hope clinging to the tell-tale signs of an interested property buyer. Real estate marketing is quite a challenging job in that sense.

The ongoing needs of property buyers generally fuel real estate sales. It isn’t easy to understand if a buyer is genuinely interested in the property. A customer is truly motivated to buy a property due to some of the following factors:

  • Need – Yes, everyone wants a safe shelter.
  • Aspiration – Comes from the need to have a place of your own. To have a home the way you have always imagined.
  • Financial Gain – Property rates will always be increasing. Owning a property is a good investment. Real estate property sales have been increasing, and so have property rates, making inventing real estate the best investment. The value of land will keep growing with the competitive real estate market.

An excellent real estate marketing strategy targeting specific income groups that fall under the above categories helps narrow down to truly motivated customers, thus impacting real estate property sales.

Whether an experienced real estate agent or new to the field, you can relate to the happiness of cracking a property deal. Although it is nearly impossible to know what’s going on in the mind of a property buyer and their motivation towards a property, you know you have almost won the deal with these tell-tale signs that a client is truly motivated to buy a property.

1. The online geeks

Having an online platform will introduce you to a plethora of property buyers. The benefits of having a well-documented real estate property will automatically interest genuine buyers. Real estate marketing is beginning to be a big game changer in real estate sales. The benefit of good real estate marketing is that it increases your chances of finding your best buyer and your real estate sales.

The customer is motivated to go through all the online details entailed with the particular property. The customer might even carry a hard copy to ensure the details mentioned verbally in an onsite interaction matches the promised benefits online. They will contact you online on several occasions until they decide to have a face-to-face meeting.

2. A well-prepared client

You will realise while showing around the property for sale, and your client will have most of the general information. In fact, they will be well versed in it.

Some point to keep in mind about a truly motivated customer is by noticing a few of the customer behaviour patterns like:

  • They might ask you several queries while inspecting the property.
  • They may even do a background check through various networks on the property.
  • You know a client is interested when they ask you questions about maintenance, services, transportation facilities, nearby facilities, etc.

3. Listens to you intently

While most questions are addressed, the most important question arrives regarding the RATE. These four-letter words carry a weight of emotions and expectations. You will know your customer is genuinely motivated to buy the property when they respectfully listen to you while you explain the whole bifurcated amount. They would even try to secure the deal with a doable amount till further notice. Some might even bid higher than the said price owning to the dire need for the space on an urgent basis. You will know when a buyer wants to opt out when they bid a fairly low amount than your expected rate.

4. I will be there for you!

Sounds so comforting, right? That’s how smooth you can expect your sale process to be if you are dealing with a client who corporates with you through every stage of the property-buying process.

Motivated customers will communicate well in advance if they need help making themselves available for a property showing. The disinterested ones may make excuses too often, which is a clear signal.

Customer motivation can be quite enjoyable because customer behaviour patterns signal a positive attitude towards the buying process.

5. The non-verbal dialogue

Sometimes it’s necessary to keep an eye on the details. Well, it’s not about the property we are talking about but your client’s body language.

Customer behaviour patterns help in decoding the interest of your client.

Some points to look out for include the following:

  • A nervous client finds it difficult to communicate and will not even make eye contact while you are in the process of discussing actual details.
  • They may sometimes interrupt you with unreasonable questions. You definitely have to steer clear of that dialogue.
  •  They may try to argue over the property rate.
  • Try to find flaws in almost everything related to the property.

6. Arranging a second viewing

Sometimes a buyer may ask you to arrange for a second viewing. This time they might come with more family members. This usually says how serious and honest they are about buying the property to their trusted people. Some might even ask a trusted advisor to tag along just for reassurance.


Whether you like it or not, you can only expect some of your real estate dealings to be fruitful on the first go. It’s a challenging job in an ever-challenging real estate scenario. Making a property sale is no easy job. You never really are sure until you hand over the keys. However, treating every client who approaches you with the same enthusiasm is essential.  

Nonetheless, always trust your instincts. Whenever you feel the unnecessary need to justify your sale rate every time, are uncomfortable communicating, or feel like you are leading nowhere in the dealing, it’s best to let go than waste your energy on a disinterested client. So, trust your instincts and not try to rationalize them.

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