9 Instagram & Facebook Easy Ad Template For Real Estate Ads

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Are you ready to elevate your real estate business? 

Well, you are about to uncover some tips that may help you achieve success! With Instagram and Facebook being the popular choices for real estate ads, soon you will dive into using these marketing platforms to the fullest to gather more leads by showcasing real estate ads on them.

Whether you’re a hustler on the rise or a seasoned professional aiming for the mastery of getting new leads, the following Instagram and Facebook ad template will help you go a long way.

Why choose Instagram & Facebook for real estate ads?

Facebook and Instagram for real estate ads are a powerful combination to achieve real estate marketing objectives like local audience engagement opportunities, lead generation, etc. The following reasons will tell you why these platforms are a wise choice to run real estate ads:

Instagram and Facebook…

  • Have a massive user base, which ensures the reach of your real estate ads to a broader audience, increasing the chances of high-quality leads.
  • Provide opportunities to engage with your ads’ audience through likes, comments, shares, etc., nurturing trust and credibility.
  • Allow you to incorporate forms directly into real estate ads for users to provide their contact information for further communication.
  • Can target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and location, improving the effectiveness of your real estate campaigns.
  • Offer detailed analytics and insights to study reach, click-through rates, etc.
  • Are mobile-friendly apps, making it convenient for the audience to view and engage with your real estate ads easily.

Real estate ads template for Instagram & Facebook

Run introductory ads

Running introductory ads on Instagram and Facebook is the beginning of your real estate marketing journey. It can be a great way to grab the audience’s attention and interest in your business. In the video, you can introduce yourself and talk about your values and perspective regarding real estate dealings.

Share market updates

Social media real estate ads are perfect for sharing the latest market updates and notifying the niche audience. Buyers and sellers are always looking for the latest trending market news. You can convert real estate leads into deals by posting this valuable information.

Conduct live Q&A sessions

Conduct live Q&A sessions to educate your audience about the real estate buying or selling process. Most buyers and sellers have no clue about legal considerations and other relevant topics during real estate dealings. Address common misconceptions, resolve doubts, and provide insight to your audience.

Create video tours of properties

Creating a video tour of the listed property for real estate ads can generate high-quality leads, as interested buyers would love to know about the property. It’s a fantastic way to showcase the features and layout of the property.

Advertise new real estate listings

Advertising new listings can enhance your real estate advertising strategy. This advertisement can bring in new potential clients interested in buying a property. Focus on capturing clear images of the property or show the property from various angles to highlight its advantages.

Create just-sold posts

Just-sold posts highlight your expertise and skills and act as social proof for the audience. It can influence new buyers and sellers to choose you as their real estate agent. These just-sold real estate ads demonstrate your success and establish your trustworthiness and credibility.

Showcase testimonials

Testimonials are a very powerful tool when it comes to real estate ads. Positive feedback from the testimonials highlights your credibility and trust, which are requirements for establishing yourself as a successful real estate agent. Make use of Instagram or Facebook ads to provide this social proof.

Share your milestones

Sharing your milestones on Instagram or Facebook ads can add depth to your character. It showcases positive aspects, enhancing your appeal and credibility to the audience and making you more desirable for future real estate property dealings.

Wish your clients on special events

Keep your clients hooked on your business by maintaining a solid bond with them. It can be achieved by sending out personalized messages on their special days and holidays. You can wish them on their birthdays or anniversaries with your business.

Best practices for running real estate ads

From crafting the perfect headline to narrating a story with carousel ads, adding creative ad content will help sell properties, boost your brokerage business, and solidify your name in the competitive real estate market. You know the template of real estate ads, but with the help of these practices, you will be able to craft creative content to generate real estate leads.

  • Define your goals before creating content. Your goals determine your content. The purpose of the ads can be generating quality leads, building brand awareness, or showing property listings.
  • Identify your audience based on age, interests, demographics, etc. You can create real estate ads accordingly. You can use geo-targeting to ensure these real estate ads reach the targeted audience.
  • Write captivating headlines. Nothing attracts your prospective clients faster than a perfect, compelling headline. Use persuasive language to hook your audience.
  • Add a Call-to-Action (CTA). CTAs are extremely important, as they help convert your audience into clients. CTAs include “Discover Your Dream Home”, “Contact Us”, “Seize The Opportunity Now”, etc.
  • Use carousel ads to add more imagery to your real estate ads. Carousel ads help you show multiple images or videos in a single ad. They also level up the aesthetic factor of your ads.            
  • The real estate ads must resonate with your target audience; otherwise, you will not generate any leads. Experiment with different ad formats and analyze which is best to attract the audience.          
  • Creating landing pages can help convert interested audiences into clients. Ensure the links mentioned in real estate ads are properly directed to these landing pages containing detailed information about the property.  
  • Consistently post content on social media. Engaging your clients always is a difficult task but crucial for your business. Therefore, posting real estate ads consistently will maintain this flow. Consistent branding through these real estate ads will help build your identity among the audience.    
  • Regularly monitor the performance of the posted real estate ads to optimize your ads for better results.


The success of your real estate business depends on the unforgettable impression you make on the audience. This template for real estate ads is your passport to driving engagement with the audience and creating an indelible mark. Along with these best practices, you are ready to step into the social media game to transform your business.

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