Tips & Tricks to Increase the Productivity of the Real Estate Sales Team!

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Every day, real estate professionals engage in various sales-related responsibilities and activities. Productivity growth is a continuous struggle that requires high efficiency and structure to succeed as a real estate agent. 

Most real estate sales professionals spend time connecting with customers and convincing them to purchase. Though they try everything, it often seems complicated to increase sales team performance.

Don’t worry; we have covered most of the tips and tricks in this blog. But first, let’s understand sales productivity and the reasons for the inability to close deals before moving on to the tips and tricks.

What is the productivity of the sales team in real estate?

It speaks more of the correlation between a real estate agent’s competence and the outcomes they generate. It can also be summed up as achieving maximum results using fewer resources. The resources could be anything, such as time, money, or effort. Keeping a check on how many property sales the team generates for the company within a particular period will help to determine the sales team’s productivity. In other words, you must hit sales targets and set new ones for more excellent sales performance.

What are the reasons for the real estate sales team’s decreased productivity?

We all, somewhere or the other, think that the top sales agents or sales teams are the people who are blessed with a natural talent for convincing customers to make a purchase. But it is not entirely true. Their unique ability to close real estate deals and generate business in various ways differentiates them from other companies. The key is that they spend more time selling and getting to know the prospect than executing the administrative task.

Here are a few factors that affect the real estate sales team’s decreased productivity:

  • Putting more emphasis on disinterested leads
  • Less time for lead nurturing
  • Extreme performance pressure to reach predefined objectives
  • Using inconsistent sales procedures and methods
  • Poor sales training provided by the superiors
  • Refusing to adopt new technologies, CRM software, and sales tools
  • Lack of coordination between the sales, operations, and marketing teams’ communications
  • Changing the team members or the sales process frequently
  • Not enthusiastic about generating sales
  • Unable to fully comprehend what the business sells

The list is endless, and we could keep adding reasons to it. Regardless of how well your team is doing, there’s a good likelihood that real estate sales team members have addressed some of the issues outlined above.

A slight mistake can reduce your chances of selling in the competitive world of sales and marketing. So, let’s begin! Are you ready to learn how to increase the sales team’s productivity?

  • Monitor your time

Understanding how you spend your time is the first step to improving your time management. The easiest way to achieve this is by monitoring it. When it comes to monitoring, there are no limits; you may be as brief or as extensive as you like. Understanding more about yourself and your good & bad habits is the ultimate purpose of time monitoring.

Make a daily log of your activities in 30-minute chunks from when you get up until you go to bed. After a week of doing this, reflect on how you used your time and make any necessary adjustments. Were you surprised to find yourself with more or less downtime? Don’t waste that time; use it to advance your real estate career and company.

  • Make your day’s plans the night before

It is impossible to emphasise the value of planning and goal-setting. One of the best ways to lead yourself toward success is to plan for the short and the long term. 

Planning for the following day well in advance will make you stay organised and focused when you wake up. You can prioritise and write down a list of the chores you need to perform as part of this preparation. A logistics-based strategy is also used, where you consider where you must be and when. If you don’t have a plan, you run the risk of feeling overburdened or getting sidetracked by other people or tasks that are assigned to you.

  • Set tasks priorities

Many people discover their performance is highest in the morning and declines throughout the day. Some people still wake up sleepy and think their best work is done in the afternoon. Alas, it is impossible to give your full attention and best effort during a workday.

Knowing when you are most productive and can generate high-quality work depends on your body clock. Determine which chores require the most significant mental processing power and meticulousness, and complete those when you are most efficient.

You are less likely to experience frustration and are more likely to be productive if you plan your day according to the output levels you need at different stages of the day.

  • Streamline and designate

Although streamlining can be expensive, labour savings frequently make it worthwhile. Businesses can save a tremendous amount of time and money by simplifying tasks. The saved time can now be redistributed and used on initiatives fostering income.

Another excellent time-saving strategy is designating. Another advantage of assigning is that it lessens the emotional strain of running a company alone.

  • Utilise technology for your real estate benefit

Real estate brokers can use technology specially developed over the past few years. An increasing number of technological solutions are available to assist you in managing and building your organisation.

Digital tools, including CRM platforms, let you work more effectively and efficiently. You can maintain a fast pace with the market if you have the ability to comprehend and adopt new technology.

  • Take care of yourself

It takes tremendous work and effort to succeed in the highly competitive world of real estate. Studies have revealed that people who don’t establish a work/life balance are more likely to experience exhaustion.

Energetic and joyful people are more likely to attract customers, especially in the real estate sector. Because of this, taking care of yourself and making decisions that make you feel better is crucial. This can increase your career and well-being, leading to maximum sales.

Note: Spending a longer time at work is not necessary to increase productivity. You can optimise your workday, accomplish more, and thoroughly enjoy life with the appropriate tips and tech assistance.

Bonus: Now, let’s take a look at what our Real Estate Experts at do to keep their sales teams’ productivity at peak:

Satyam, “Understanding your teams’ personal goals helps you learn their driving motivation as more often professional goals are directly connected with one’s endeavours.”

Zameer, “Guidance, Knowledge, and Motivation are the key factors that bring out the best in each team member. Also, learning is a constant encouraging force, but implying the same is of utmost importance to get the best results.”

Rayeef, “Giving freedom & power to do according to an individual’s capability and then adding a little pinch of expectation to it works wonders.”

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