Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – Celebrating our women real estate broker partners!

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Did you know? India is the 5th largest economy, but still, we rank 135th in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index. 

Isn’t it an intriguing fact?

Well, 19th November is celebrated as “Women’s Entrepreneurship Day” worldwide. Marking this day, we would like to talk about the real estate industry, where every deal tells a unique story. There exists a dynamic force that often goes unsung – the women entrepreneurs who are shaping the narrative of property transactions and investments. 

As we embrace Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, it’s the perfect moment to cast a spotlight on the unsung heroines of the real estate realm – mymagnet women real estate broker partners.

So, join us on a journey through the success stories, the challenges overcome, and the empowering experiences of our women real estate broker partners. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, their achievements stand as a testament to the power of determination and the impact of diversity on the outlook of entrepreneurship.

Sneha Giri, 19

In January 2023, I embarked on a challenging yet thrilling journey by establishing my own real estate brokerage firm, personally registered under RERA and soon to be named after me, Sneha Giri. The initial months were a rollercoaster of emotions, but as I approach the one-year mark, I can recall the happiness of sealing my very first deal on the 26th of January, 2023.

Picture this – I am a third-year BCom student with a burning passion for social entrepreneurship, all sparked by my involvement in various college events. I longed for something beyond the ordinary, something that resonated with my entrepreneurial spirit. And what better way to manifest that than diving into the dynamic world of real estate?

It all began with its share of hurdles, but there’s one mantra that has been my guiding light: “Keep working; your energy is stored in the universe.” This philosophy has carried me through both fruitful days and difficult times, reinforcing the idea that persistence is key.

Despite juggling the demands of education, I’ve successfully marked five bookings in the span of almost a year. Currently, I am fully immersed in the Thane real estate market, but my aspirations stretch beyond – I have my sights set on expanding to other locations in the near future.

Reflecting on this journey, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a dynamic dance between highs and lows. Each day brings its own set of challenges and triumphs, but it’s to keep moving forward. As I stand on the brink of naming my firm, I can’t help but marvel at the distance traveled and look forward to the exciting chapters that lie ahead in this entrepreneurial adventure.

Pooja Singh, 29

I began my professional journey assisting a creative director – an exhilarating start, fueled by creativity and endless possibilities. But life took a turn after marriage, leading me into real estate. At first, it felt like a new adventure, a realm of opportunities waiting to be explored.

To get a hang of the real estate sector, I started working at a local brokerage firm. However, it turned into a rough chapter when I started facing workplace harassment. Initially, I tolerated it, but the urge for independence became a need.

Driven by a passionate willpower, I imagined my own real estate brokerage firm. My in-laws totally supported the spark of this idea. And so, “Astral Housing” came into being in September 2023.

The joy of securing my first booking on October 1st was something I can’t describe in words. It was a moment that crowned my efforts and sacrifices, a testament to resilience and belief in oneself.

Yet, the journey here wasn’t without its hardships. Surviving a year without pay or incentives was a learning. It was a realization that, “There will be ups and downs, but you never stop exploring.”

Rinkita Bhanushali, 33

Bhanushali Estate Agency was established by my father back in 1996. Originally, destined for a career in CA, fate intervened, and due to my father’s health issues, I stepped into real estate 8 years ago.

Initially, I joined just for a temporary period, an entry during hard times. However, as the days unfolded, I discovered an unexpected love for the real estate world. What started as a compulsion act soon transformed into a passionate commitment.

My journey began in the realm of property resale, and gradually moved to new real estate projects. My first booking will always be an amazing memory, it was a collaborative effort involving developer and client, a milestone marking the evolution of our agency.

The real estate industry, I soon discovered, is quite an interesting landscape. I like negotiating on behalf of my clients, and watching my suggestions materialize into the best deals. Meeting new people, building connections, and witnessing the growth of my business through referrals is great.

With 70+ bookings and over 30 successful deals in resale and rentals, each transaction is a testament to the principle I hold dear as a real estate agent: “Give clients what they need, and not sell what you have.” For me, it’s not just about selling properties; it’s about understanding and fulfilling the unique aspirations of those who entrust me with their dreams.

Sonal Ghadge, 25

In November 2022, my partners and I founded “Propertify” – a venture that has become the epitome of joy since my career in the real estate industry. From me joining the real estate industry, and beginning the calling in this field to sourcing and now my own firm, the endeavour has been nothing less than utter bliss. To be frank, I got into real estate by fluke than a calculated career move, as I got a job in a company. It was an ordinary salaried job and on the other hand, I love travelling. So every time I wanted to travel, I didn’t get leaves. The longing to break free from these constraints and chart something of my own grew stronger with each denied leave request.

The desire to “be my own boss” stayed in my thoughts, and that’s when the seeds of Propertify were sown. At the outset, we were beginners in the huge world of CPs, wrestling with the complexities of the real estate sector, and struggling to secure our first client. The journey was daunting, but slowly and steadily, we found our footing. Today, our accomplishments include a commendable 10+ bookings.

And yes today, the shackles of a conventional job have been replaced by the liberating sense of financial freedom, and mental & physical well-being. Most importantly, I can travel a lot as now I can coordinate with anyone from anywhere. 

This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, let’s applaud and honour the invincible spirit of these women who have carved their niche in real estate through perseverance, inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

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