10 reasons your real estate business should have a social media presence

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Social media communication has become the bread and butter for many individuals and businesses. To upgrade to a modern lifestyle, people are ready to consume and try new trending technologies that ease their lives. Therefore, new-age companies are tracking consumer behaviour patterns and modifying their products/services according to customers’ needs. Businesses use social media tricks and tools to share detailed information about their products and services and engage new clients, which helps them increase their profits. Like other sectors, real estate has adopted new technologies and promoted new and old property listings online through social media.

It is essential to have a social media presence for real estate businesses. In the current digital scenario, many have easy access to information shared through various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, WhatsApp, and others. If you want to start your new real estate business, you can digitally promote your properties through social media rather than spending money on traditional marketing. With the help of advanced social media marketing tools, real estate marketing has become more convenient, affordable, and time-saving.

Whether your real estate business is or is not on social, the pointers below will help you understand in detail the importance of social media and your presence on it. 

1. Educates your real estate prospects

As we all know, little knowledge is dangerous, and that’s why real estate businesses should understand customer needs. That purpose can be served through social media channels. The right information at the right time should sail through social media for real estate brokers, aspiring homebuyers, and viewers of particularly targeted regions.

To increase awareness for your brand, engaging your targeted audience with the right property information in various forms, like reels on Instagram, stories on Facebook, etc., is a win-win situation for you and your viewers.

2. Genuine information through the website

If the real estate business has its own social media presence, then it can spread genuine information about different properties to create awareness for its brand. Creating engaging content & sharing their links to websites will win many hearts after seeing property listings.

The information shared through the website need to be unique, which will help the business create a monopoly in the digital space. Real estate marketing for genuine websites would be affordable and reach the maximum audience in a minimum time.

3. Digitally Savvy Millennials

According to a recent country’s population, 34% are millennials, and more than 86 percent of these are tech- or digitally savvy, spending most of their time on social media or surfing the internet. Through these data, one needs to understand how to invest more money in social media marketing and spread awareness to reach the maximum targeted audience.

With the increasing population in India, there would be an increase in the usage of social media applications. Hence, more and more millennials are looking for properties online. So, you need to create your own real estate digital space for this digital audience.

4. Big Brand, Big Picture

Your first impression is your last impression on new viewers or existing customers. Especially when introducing your new property to prospective homebuyers, the real estate website should highlight their specific property listing and entice buyers to purchase, whether residential or commercial. You need to create new strategies to spread awareness about your listing on websites or other engaging information that should be related to industry trends through social media channels.

In the real estate business, you need to advertise your properties to create an emotional bond and pull customers towards your brand. Lastly, you must build a significant brand presence in the real estate market only when you serve your customers by providing an excellent digital experience.

5. Stay updated with real estate news

To increase viewers on your social media handles, you need to keep your website and social media handles updated with the latest real estate news. Many buyers look for an opportunity where property prices fluctuate in desired regions. Today’s buyers can decide about buying their dream home by tracking the news of interest rates on home loans, RERA rules, and many more. Therefore, the latest industry trends and news need to be shared on multiple social media handles, which would eventually help in lead generation for any real estate business.

6. Create a community

Through the various real estate listings, news, blogs on property buying, tips, and more, one should always observe various customer requirements and vital customer feedback, thus creating a community. These communities will add value to real estate marketing by achieving good conversion rates and improving your ROI on digital marketing.

Changes suggested by the community should be implemented and adapted easily by real estate businesses as they will increase customer engagement for particular listings, events, and news displayed to targeted customers.

7. Traditional marketing is fading fast

Due to increasing engagements through digital marketing, the real estate marketing activities performed through conventional media marketing like newspaper, radio, and TV are slowly vanishing and generating less ROI for the real estate business. The marketing people in the real estate business have tracked customer behavior, i.e., homebuyers, and analysed that you can reach out to more customers in less time at optimum cost. So spreading awareness of your listings and other news is more accessible through online marketing than offline marketing.

Therefore, advertising your website through social media or Google Ads would be worth more than advertising on TV, radio, or newspapers. 

8. Service your clients

Many real estate brokers try to convert leads into successful customers but lack the skills to offer a good customer experience for purchasing their dream property. If you have an excellent social media presence, real estate brokers can service their clients by communicating and following up through Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Whatever the real estate news, industry trends, or market scenario, real estate brokers can share anything and everything on social media channels with their targeted customers. Social media would help customers and real estate brokers by providing essential information and clarifying every prospect’s doubt.

9. Build trust with buyers

Real estate businesses’ websites, blogs, or social media handles need valuable and trustworthy resources with helpful information for many buyers considering purchasing property from particular developers. If you have social media presence, real estate firms should communicate the right information according to market scenarios and external factors, which would help to build trust among the buyer’s community.

10. Retain your privacy

Many prospects don’t want to share direct personal or financial information with real estate brokers. In today’s digital world, real estate websites promise viewers that the information buyers provide will be secure and private on the server. However, once the customer lands on your website or social media handles, you are responsible for ensuring that the user has an excellent digital experience. Hence, retaining privacy and building buyers’ trust in the virtual world is necessary to grow your real estate business.

If you have not created a social media presence for your real estate business, then now is the time to engage your customers with property listings, real estate news, and new events through social media channels.

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