6 Common Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid by Real Estate Brokers

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When it comes to selling your home to potential homebuyers at the highest possible price, home staging is the correct option to make your home engrossing and stand out in the eyes of aspiring homebuyers. It also becomes easy for real estate brokers, who can explain the home features in detail and help sell homes at the best prices. 

In today’s digital world, many realtors suggest new attractive things to stage seller’s homes and list with beautiful photographs on online portals as many real estate sales break huge deals online. According to recent worldwide research from the National Association of Realtors, 82% of real estate brokers said home staging made it easy for homebuyers to visualize the property as a dream home. 

While staging your home, the sellers should look at every corner of the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, washrooms, and other living spaces that are on focus and well-staged. So further, let’s look at the common home staging mistakes real estate brokers make and learn how to avoid them. 

  1. Not highlighting the unique design elements of the home 

Having creative structures with unique elements and failing to present them is one of the biggest mistakes while selling a house to homebuyers. Real estate brokers can identify the sparkling features of the property so it becomes appealing during inspections. From the beautiful morning window views to vintage fireplaces, every aesthetic must be appropriately arranged for your home sales business. So focus on your unique architecture and change buyers’ perspectives to make them understand the home’s actual value. 

  1. Too many cluttered spaces

Before starting with a home staging plan, real estate brokers should see through it that the home needs to look, feel and smell clean. Many homes make the mistake of adding too many items in their living rooms, kitchen spaces, and bedrooms. In the thought of gaining more money, the home sellers add unnecessary items while staging and end up cluttering homes.

Every aspiring homebuyer would always look for spacious homes. Therefore, real estate brokers should declutter the space by removing big bookshelves, new chairs/tables/cupboards, and paintings. One should remember to imagine their lifestyle from the buyer’s point of view, and cleanliness should be maintained as someone enters the house.

  1. Not clicking good photos of the property 

Most homebuyers look for their dream home online, so posting amazing photos with stunning views will add more search activity to your listings. It will be helpful for many buyers who will be visualizing themselves in their dream homes through photographs. Real estate brokers should ensure that the pictures of the listed property are clear and clicked through every angle of the room to avoid any lateral confusion or disputes between seller and buyer while dealing with the home.

The photographs should exactly resemble the quality and maintenance of the house. Whenever you add new decorative things in the home staging process, remember to add/update professional photos in your listings. Additionally, circulate new images in your closed groups and real estate brokers’ lists.

  1. Not replacing personalised decor & adding strong odours 

Spreading good vibes through an effective color palette would attract many homebuyers to purchase your home easily. With the help of real estate brokers, personalising decors, i.e., imagining different colour formats for your interior and exterior, would ease decorating the home wisely and at an affordable rate. Additionally, one can bring strong odours and eliminate the bad smell to make pleasant experiences for newcomers.

  1. Not positioning the furniture in a suitable area 

Many real estate brokers advised home sellers to shift the furniture against the walls to create space in the home staging process. Suppose the room is structured at different angles. But in turn, it looks congested, and the rooms seem smaller than it is. In that case, real estate brokers should consider fitting furniture in particular angles according to the size and shape of the furniture. Further, if you want more space in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen, you should limit your furniture needs. 

  1. Neglecting to light & keeping the house dim 

As per the latest market trend, the buyer looks up for 3 things in a home, i.e., space, odor, and light. Adding ambient lighting to your home must be one of the necessary items in the home staging process. Many real estate brokers need to pay more attention to the lighting in a specific area, and rooms turn out to be shady or dark, which ultimately becomes a reason for not buying that particular house. 

So, maximizing natural light during the day or increasing the number of led lights at night at home will play a key role in buying homes for many homebuyers. Lastly, real estate brokers should help sellers with curtain placements and positioning LED lighting for their homes. 

If you’re planning for real estate home staging, these 6 common mistakes must be avoided. So, dress up the home in a way that its price should shoot up and bring heavy returns for every penny you invested. 

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