A Career in Real Estate: Why You Must Consider Being a Part of it?

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The Indian real estate industry is at the threshold of accelerated growth with new government reforms that aim to promote transparency and accountability. The sector is growing rapidly making it a great time to be a part of the growth story. A growing economy and a number of options available for residential and commercial properties in metro cities across the country goes to prove the fact that the sector is definitely going to grow.

What kind of a career can you expect in real estate?

Real estate and constructions sectors in India contribute nearly 8% to 9% of the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The real estate sector, today, is one of the largest employers employing tens of millions of people across the country. The country’s urban population is expected to grow by 40% in 2030. This has fueled demand for both residential and commercial spaces. It is likely that we’ll see a shortfall of millions of skilled professionals in the real estate sector.

A trained and skilled workforce is critical since we are now developing world-class projects. Professionals are expected to adapt to modern construction technologies like BIM, lean project management, and more. The industry needs skilled professionals who can help them optimize costs, comply with regulatory norms, and boost customer trust while delivering projects within agreed timelines.

A career in real estate: There’s always something for everyone

There are essentially two types of careers in real estate.

  • Core departments (Engineering, Design, Construction)
  • Partner functions (Sales, Marketing, CRM, IT, HR, Legal, Finance, and Support)

The partner function doesn’t necessarily need to have proficiency in the real estate sector, but it is desirable to hire skilled resources with expertise in real estate. The sector promises exciting career options for partner functions too.

Technology too plays a very important role. The use of virtual reality technology enables clients to get a near real-life experience of the way the project would actually look like. Innovative methods of digital marketing are also being widely used in real estate.

When it comes to sales, professionals are expected to fully understand the customer and help them make one of the most important investment decisions of their lives. As a real estate salesperson, you have to master the art of quickly converting leads while also helping out your clients.

The legal teams are expected to stay apprised of all the complex and ever-changing regulations, which is extremely challenging and exciting.

Why You Must Consider a Career in Real Estate?

There are hundreds of reasons why you should seriously consider a career in real estate. For skilled, ambitious, and hard-working professionals, a job in the real estate sector can be very rewarding. We have listed a few reasons why a career in real estate could be the one you might be looking for. Let’s dive in.

Complete control of your life

As a real estate agent, you are the master of your own day and you get to set your own hours. You only need to work as much as is required to get the job done.

Work-life balance

As the pandemic set in, the importance of work-life balance and being there for your family has increased tenfold. As a real estate agent, you are always free to meet your friends for lunch or attend your son’s graduation in between your meetings. Prioritize your family and set your meetings around it.


Well, needless to say, whether we love or don’t love our jobs, what do we work for? Your sale depends on your drive to sell and how quickly you can match your client’s requirements with the right properties. For someone who is high on energy and has an undying competitive spirit, there is no end to how much money you can make.

You feel valued and important

Well, this is obvious. You have the opportunity to change lives -from finding a young couple their first home to helping a new business find the right workspace. History and memories are made in these properties and you’ll always be remembered for it.

For those chatty ones

If you love talking and socializing, a real estate career in meant for you. You are expected to socialize with potential buyers and sellers in your area. Attending parties, events, and meeting new people will always be a part of the job description.

Commissions and incentives

The beauty of working on commissions and incentives is that you’ll never be limited to your monthly salaries. This gives you full control of how much you can actually earn throughout the year.

You’ll never be trapped at your desk

A lot of your work will happen away from the desk. People who love hustling would love the on-the-go nature of a real estate career.

You wear many hats

No two days will be alike. You show homes, market your listings, negotiate deals, and do all the paperwork. Every day is different and you’ll never get bored. We can guarantee you that.

All said and done, the Indian real estate sector is all set to witness exponential growth in the coming decade. The only thing that could stop the growth is a potential dearth of a skilled workforce. With the right talent and development opportunities, we believe that a career in the real estate sector is an attractive avenue that every young, skilled, and educated Indian must consider.

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