Why Sales Support is Important for your Brokerage Business?

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For a real estate agent, sales are of utmost importance, and realtors are most effective when they get the right amount of support. But how much support does a real estate broker need, and how should that support be structured? It’s the Goldilocks dilemma: too little support and the agent won’t be able to do the job effectively; too much support and the cost of operations will increase. However, if they get the right balance, sales efforts can boost productivity and growth. This is where the need of sales support arises.

What is Sales Support?

It is a type of function that an organization performs to help land brokers focus solely on selling and closing deals. These tasks are completed by either hired experts or by an outsourced team. Sometimes, brokers themselves manage these functions.

Even though sales support is not directly involved in closing deals, it is critical to sales operations. The primary goal of sales support is to assist the agent in finding a sale. Sales support starts long before the agent meets his/her prospective customer. Sales support does all the legwork behind the scenes to help housing brokers put their best foot forward.

Sales functions can be divided into two categories: tools and helpers. Software and documents are the most common sales support tools. Video templates, letters, and presentations are examples of documents used for sales support. These documents are simple to use and can be modified whenever needed. Agents can access pre-programmed designs and calculators, as well as an internal website and chat portal, through a real estate CRM software. This software or system can help the agent perform multiple tasks such as acting on a lead, interacting with a developer, tracking sales, etc. When dealing with the sale of real estate, official websites and printed materials are useful tools. You can save money by spending one time on websites instead of creating various sales documents. Furthermore, updating information on a website is always easier than updating information on printed material. Another important tool is CTI or Computer Telephony Integration. With the help of CTI, the property agent can be easily accessible to potential clients and track the progress of each client as well as where they are in the sales funnel.

The people who assist real estate agents are known as helpers. These professionals must be knowledgeable and have excellent decision-making abilities. A sales support team can locate, qualify, and filter leads so that agents can contact them. Different platforms, such as professional networks, social media, websites, data mining, and email campaigns, can be used for real estate lead generation. Outsourcing lead generation work may be a good idea if your target market is more specific. Another essential task performed by helpers, aka the sales support team, is product training or providing information about the product. The product, in our case, is a real estate property. This training gives your agent the confidence they need to approach their prospects. Face-to-face interactions with industry experts or developers can be provided, or the team can provide realty specific documents for the agents to read whenever they need assistance. When agents are stuck on something or need specific information, sales support team can help them out. The more information you have as a broker, the higher your reputation amongst clients.

Sales support also helps with active marketing communications, facilitating market awareness. Market awareness is necessary because it makes the agent’s job easier as they don’t have to work as hard to persuade customers to buy products. This is achieved through a variety of ways such as marketing through social media, emailers, SMS, etc. In this way, the sales support team helps the realtors connect with clients who are actively looking for a property, saving time by filtering out redundant leads.

To sum it up, poor sales support can be extremely damaging to your sales. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that you as an agent have adequate sales support so that you don’t lose any business. An effective sales support team can handle all of the background work, allowing you to focus solely on developing sales strategies. This is where MyMagnet comes into the picture. The adroit team at MyMagnet constantly invests in technology& knowledge so that you can earn more profits by using our state of the art proptech solutions. Our revolutionary CRM can assist you in creating and executing lead nurturing systems at each level of the sales funnel, multiplying your profits in less time and allowing you to develop your property brokerage powerhouse. Furthermore, we have the capability to provide you with the best real estate digital marketing, advertising, and property listing support with the help of our social media expertise.

Many top realtors are quickly recognizing MyMagnet as a reliable resource for their real estate requirements. So what are you waiting for? Join us and take your real estate business to the next level. Become a MyMagnet Broker Partner. Register Here.

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