How to Use Facebook Ads for Real Estate Marketing

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Social media platforms can help promote your real estate business if you know how to do proper marketing. People prefer the digital world nowadays. So, you can use social media, like Facebook, to advertise real estate ads. Using Facebook ads for real estate marketing could be more practical than following traditional marketing strategies. For beginners or professional realtors, real estate marketing can further help generate leads for your business. 

Posting real estate ads on Facebook helps connect to many customers. They can turn into potential clients with the correct marketing strategies. Hence, when creating real estate ads on Facebook, you can either do it to bring new clients or promote the sale for your current ones.

This blog covers tips for creating customer-oriented Facebook ads for real estate marketing. So, if you have not started using Facebook ads for promotion, you’re missing out on a big chunk of business.

Why choose Facebook ads for real estate marketing?

Once you read the benefits, you will know why Facebook ads are the popular choice for marketing. Let’s go through them individually.

Large audience

The real estate business is a competitive market. To become a successful real estate agent, you must not ignore any real estate listing. It’s another difficult job to find clients. Facebook makes this task easier for you. As of 2023, Facebook has around 2.963 billion users. Once you advertise real estate ads, the probability of these ads reaching a vast audience is high.

You can customize real estate ads on Facebook

Facebook ads allow you to select the audience for your real estate business. You can customize your real estate ad campaigns to target specific clients based on gender, age, areas of interest, etc.

Different formats for real estate ads:

  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Marketplace ads
  • Carousel ads

You can set an affordable budget

Account creation on Facebook does not require additional charges. You set an ad budget and decide the amount to spend daily on the ad or throughout the course. Facebook gives the lowest cost-per-click (CPC) [starting from approximately $0.45].

What do you need to create Facebook ads?

  • Personal account on Facebook
  • Your business page on Facebook
  • Facebook Ads Manager

With these three things, create compelling real estate ads to promote your business.

Let’s proceed with creating Facebook Ads for real estate marketing. This guide applies to all beginners and professionals.

4 Steps to Create Facebook Ads for Real Estate Marketing

Create your personal account.

Before you start with advertisements, create a Facebook page for your business.

Create a Facebook Ads Manager account.

Create your Facebook Ads Manager account to use Facebook ads for real estate. Connect it to your Facebook page. It is where all your marketing campaigns run through. It also shows ad metrics and performance. Facebook ads manager also allows you to create multiple real estate ad campaigns catering to your needs.

Navigate to the “Ads Manager” option.

The first step to creating real estate ads is selecting the campaign objective. The ad campaign must have a clear goal to target a specific audience. Once you find the Ads Manager option, you must choose from the given list of objectives. Each objective comes with a strategy. They are Traffic, Awareness, App Promotion, Leads, Sales, and Engagement. If you want to do real estate transactions, “Sales” will be the correct option.

Choose Ad Placement

It would be best to place targeted Facebook ads for real estate where users are proactive. Different places are in Facebook news feeds, Instagram, Messenger, Search Results, etc. Facebook recommends automatic placement, but you should decide where to put it.

Now, you learned how to create ads, but another challenge awaits – creating “real estate ads”! But we have got that covered too. Let’s take a look:

5 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads for Real Estate Marketing

High-quality real estate ads will have more reach, with more people accessing Facebook. Consider these points to create engaging Facebook ads for real estate properties.

Use high-quality visuals.

Have you seen any advertisements with dull images? No, because these ads do not sell. Your ad should captivate the people and keep them engaged. You must upload a high-quality visual of the real estate property that you are putting for sale. Images or videos of that property both work.

Use targeting options.

You will be wondering why real estate ads need to be customized. Let us explain! You find a client looking for a temporary or permanent home through Facebook. You already have listings available. So, your ad should focus on rental properties matching those expectations. You can also optimize this ad by targeting a specific audience.

Different types of market targeting include –

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Behavioural Targeting
  • Age Targeting
  • Location Targeting

Write compelling real estate ad copies.

Ad copy is a powerful tool to capture the target audience’s attention. It should be persuasive enough for them to take action. Do you remember the example given in the “Targeting Options”? Visuals help, but do they provide complete information? No! Your real estate ad must focus on the features that can sell the property. It should resonate with the client’s needs.

Include call-to-action.

Including a CTA in Facebook ads for real estate helps encourage potential customers to take the next step in the buying or selling process. By including a clear and compelling CTA in your real estate Facebook ads, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and generate more leads. Some effective CTAs for real estate might include “Book a Viewing Today,” “Request a Consultation,” “Join Our Mailing List,” or “Contact Us for More Information.”

Track and monitor your progress.

Facebook Ad Manager tracks your ads’ performance. Your work doesn’t end after posting an ad. If your ad isn’t generating leads, it is not reaching the right target audience. You can optimize these Facebook ads for real estate properties through Ad Manager. The insightful report will provide information about ad impressions, the number of clicks on your ads, cost per lead/action, etc. This clear report helps improve your existing strategies.


Facebook ads for real estate marketing will prove fruitful in the long run. You will struggle initially but don’t get intimidated. You can always hire professionals to create real estate ads for you. can also come in handy to guide you with Facebook Ads for your real estate listings. So, make a proper list of objectives aligning with the ad’s goals. Your mission and values should have clarity in the ad. Finally, say goodbye to putting ads in the newspaper that would take a long-time to fetch responses. Yes, I do not forget to make use of Google ads too; refer to our detailed blog on How to Use Google Ads for Real Estate Marketing.

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