Social Media Marketing Strategy Template For Real Estate Brokers

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Did you know over 4.26 billion people use social media platforms worldwide?

Yes, you read it right!

Along the way, social media has become a daily routine of people’s lives, so your real estate business should use it to unlock success. If you cannot believe it, read till the end to discover some unique social media marketing strategy.

As a real estate agent, an online presence will strategically transform the business into a prospective one. The real estate industry is bustling with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. So you need to sharpen your marketing skills to put your real estate business into the limelight instead of relying solely on traditional marketing strategies.

Types of social media marketing

Social media hype encompasses various types. You can leverage this to drive sales and increase brand awareness. You can either focus on one or find the right mix for your social media marketing strategy.

  • Content marketing – You can publish blogs for which you can use WordPress; for example, you can go through mymagnet blog posts, short advertising posts on social media, infographics, or ebooks. Creating and distributing valuable content builds your target audience.
  • Organic social media marketing – Organic social media marketing strategy involves advertising content without paid promotion. You foster a relationship with the audience through consistent posting and interacting with them through comments, messages, etc.
  • Influencer marketing – This social media marketing strategy can be an effective marketing tool. You can collaborate with local influencers and leverage their audience reach and influence to your use. These people can advertise your real estate listings or promote your brand and services to generate a buzz for your business.
  • Social media listings – Social media platforms can help you with real estate listings. You can publish an advertisement for your business and monitor it through likes, comments, or shares, i.e., engaging with the audience.

We gathered a concise social media template tailored exclusively to grow your real estate business. Following this template can enhance your online presence, get more referrals, and generate leads.

Social media marketing strategy template for real estate business

Set clear real estate marketing goals

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, generate more real estate leads, or carry property dealings? 

Each goal needs a specific social media plan to achieve optimal results. Having clear goals for your social media marketing strategy is paramount. Otherwise, every strategy will quickly turn into an unsolvable mess.

Identify your target audience

Identifying your target audience is as essential as having a clear goal. Imagine you want more property dealings, but your target audience is people from the age group 20-25. This age group generally looks for rent and may not be in a position to own a house yet. As you can interpret, your social media marketing strategy may need to be more productive. Therefore, identify the demographics and interests of the people in the beginning itself.

Select the right social media platform

Social media platforms come with unique features. Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn use changes to match the target audience’s preferences. Here are some features mentioned for Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Facebook – Facebook Ads are suitable for property listings and engaging with the audience. Most active users on Facebook are earning members (between 25-50 years of age). Hence, you can feature your property on it. Your ad must be short and direct with the property photo, address, and other required details.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn can be a great social media marketing tool for finding real estate leads. LinkedIn is an especially business platform where you can join a real estate community, connect with real estate professionals, and target people based on their job titles, industries, locations, etc. Thus, your content should be formal with proper details.

Create engaging and valuable content

Highlight important details by creating engaging content for social media. People hardly have any time to read long social media posts. Do not use high vocabulary while explaining. Keep the content brief with catchy titles like “hot properties alert”. Always add appealing images or videos. You can also post client testimonials to show more business authenticity. Lastly, develop a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience intact.

Respond to your audience

Building strong relationships is an underrated approach to social media marketing strategy. You will build relationships when you engage with your audience. Give prompt responses to their comments. Provide guidance if they are confused. Ask questions to resolve their queries. Referrals are a powerful tool to get more clients, and they are achieved only by nurturing relationships.

Monitor your content regularly

Monitor your posts regularly to determine whether your social media marketing strategy is working fine. While gauging the performance of content, you must check the metrics like engagement, conversions, audience reach, click-through rates, etc. Analyzing these metrics will help you optimize the results.

Examples of social media marketing 

These examples will guide you in forming your own social media marketing strategy.

Virtual real estate tours

Take advantage of social media platforms to showcase a real estate property. Use Facebook or Instagram Live to spotlight real estate listings to entice any buyer or seller.

Client testimonials

Share testimonials from your satisfied clients on social media platforms. Happy clients are first-hand proof of your credibility and trustworthy services. And hearing positive feedback about your business will get high-quality referrals leading to grow your business.

Local market updates

Keep your audience engaged with the latest real estate updates. An enthused property dealer is always on the lookout for a great deal. You can inform about mortgage rates or the latest changes in the real estate market. Be a reliable source for them.


You can market your business well by leveraging this social media marketing template. However, it is important to remember that you cannot build your empire on social media right from the start; after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

Therefore, have a clear purpose to form a well-executed social media marketing strategy to build your business.

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